• CELSIUS process equipment manufacturer for industry

    Our customers are engaged in a curse in favour of health and well-being of people. We are proud to take part in the work of this industry through bringing safe, adapted and efficient device.

    As a result of its long history of works in fine chemicals, CELSIUS benefits from an unquestionable savoir-faire in the world of process equipment. The engineering of equipment requires a vast knowledge and experience in such various fields as processing design, chemical design, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, hydraulics, thermal technology and process command.

  • CELSIUS builds industrial equipment hardware:

    Created for specific functions of processes.
    Studied and built per unit for specific needs.
    Built as skids to reduce costs and construction site delays.

    CELSIUS process equipment are always built in conformity with customer’s requirements and with CELSIUS own design.
    Regarding size or capacity, each one is designed in accordance with specific needs.
    Since the skids are built in our factory, we care about every technical detail: every process skid in delivered turn-key.

  • Process equipment skids are perfectly designed for chemistry, cosmetics, fragrances, flavours, neutraceutics, special inks or every chemical synthesis industry, green chemistry or biotechnology.

    They are designed according to deciding criterions such as performance, accurate regulation, system safety or exothermal reaction control.

    Made for any specific use, built to fit, complete and ready to operate: CELSIUS process equipment are everything you can expect if you are looking for efficiency, reliability, safety and high performances, especially in a world where precision is the most important feature.



CELSIUS exhibits during the fair ACHEMA, Wordwide Chemical Exhibition at FRANKFURT (Germany) on June 2015 from 15th to 19th

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